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Welcome to my domain.

I built this version of my website in WordPress which I learned more about how to use during an intense three days in December 2011 when I was sick and wanted to redesign my site. I no longer had the ability to maintain the previous version built by John Neill so I learned WordPress and rebuilt it myself.

It was fun but I may not have tried it except for being just about confined to bed those three days.  I have not studied much more about it since. Below is a status update that includes much of the text from the last homepage of this domain when it had it’s own files (I’m not sure how long ago that was, but it has been perhaps several years).

Monday, February 11, 2002 was the first day that my domain was online with my own homepage.

My website was originally created in May 1997 with Claris Homepage I think it was but I  also know I did a lot of work in notepad and BBedit using Fetch and Coffee Cup and CuteFTP and I’m thinking Claris Homepage is what let me add background graphics and color and .gifs and such for the first time but I can’t recall. I now have a blog to track  this stuff, yea!

It’s has had several host servers and one complete redesign (the previous version) at the hands of John Neill.

This should be a small homepage to allow you to evaluate and move on, either to part of my site or another part of the net.

That was my philosophy in March 1997 when the site first went up and this will continue to be my philosophy for the foreseeable future. That being the case, the rest of the site may be more graphically intense.

Currently most all of the sections of my website are in some presentable state but some need more work than others and all of them will continue to develop.

I will be putting up some of the old content from older incarnations of my domain here. Some of the items will be pages in the nav and some of the items (formerly pages) will become blog posts. Comment and/or email me as you like, I’ve just (8.21.17) added a contact page with a form on it!

Thanks for visiting!