P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 20 The Warrior

This was completed as we finished Week 3 before my son went to summer camp for Boy Scouts. It turns out that he could not do the Transition Week at camp so we were going to pick up when he came home. Now however we have opted to restart the 4th attempt and finish it hopefully in conjunction with his Personal Fitness Merit Badge which requires 90 days of consistent exercise. The new plan is that will start on Monday July 20 until approx Oct 27th which will finish in time for the holidays and my birthday. We are not going to sweat staying in sync however because of this. So if we have a conflict we will stick to one workout per day and do them separately if necessary to avoid having to do a double. We may do extra work on a muscle group on the day P90X3 works it but we are going to try to tighten up the diet and stick to one prescribed workout per day.

Headers photos updated

I think I tripled the numbers of headers for my site tonight. There are now 18 header photos and 18 pages randomly rotating and no two are the same but there are a pair that are very similar. So it is very possible that you could visit or refresh 18 pages and still not see them all. I believe it is also possible to see the same image 18 times for the same reason. They refresh randomly. I'm making this note mostly for myself. Many are from my first belt test held on Labor Day 2012. Almost all of them are some type of a shot from some class I attended or taught.



Doug Hall Welcome and thank you for your interest in Self-Defense and Personal Fitness Training. If you have an interest in studying American Kenpo for Self Defense and increased Physical Fitness then we have some interests in common. Currently I am establishing a small group of personal students to complete my advanced study of American Kenpo and to increase my own physical fitness. I'm also available for short courses, workshops and seminars for various groups as mentioned on my Training page. If you are interested in a seminar or workshop or need a Kenpo tutor, workout partner or if would like to study a scientific martial art while improving your physical fitness then contact me to see if I'm available. I am very interested in helping others achieve their personal goals. In fitness and in self defense. I will allow comments to this post for testimonials as I should have 2-3 now relative to my services as a Kenpo tutor mentioned above.