2nd Attempt: Joe Cross’ 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse

I'm on the 2nd juice of Day 2 of my 2nd attempt at Joe Cross' 3Day Juice Cleanse as featured on Dr. Oz. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/joe-cross-3-day-weekend-juice-cleanse My last attempt aborted on the night of day 1. This time I need to go out of my way to thank my wife, who went to the store and bought the ingredients while I was working and then bagged all 5 juices for day 1. That was probably 75% of the work right there. Thanks, Honey! I will say that I HATE Ginger. It stings everything it touches... I don't really Like any of these nasty Grass juices but I lost just over 2lbs from Day one and that is important. I need to loose a lot more weight and detox and reset my palate... so I hope to make it through Day 3 this time. As a compromise, I have not been able to drink all of the juices each time. I have drank at least 75-80% of them though. I thought that, like P90x, it would be better to do it poorly than not at all. So 2 of the juices I didn't finish yesterday. For example the Pre-Dinner Juice made over 32 oz last night. I had to split it into 20oz and 10oz. I didn't measure them. I guessed. The next time I do this I will try to measure. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe even later today.

Kohl’s is pretty awesome!

I posted this on Facebook and wanted to put it on my own site so here it is with some edits:
Kohl's is pretty awesome! My wife said I should check there for a juicer to start my juicefast this weekend so we went back to get the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Express (http://www.powerjuicer.com/) which I think we bought in Dec 2011 but were talked into not juicing.
So now I still need to loose some weight and saw Joe Cross from
on Dr. Oz http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/joe-cross-3-day-weekend-juice-cleanse
the other day with Dr. Joel Furhman http://www.drfuhrman.com/
and I wanted to try his 3 day cleanse over my 4 day weekend. Well, I'm behind schedule already
BUT Kohl's had only the floor model of the juicer left. It was $129 on sale for $99. They gave us 30% if we wanted the floor model. We can return it if we like in case any parts are missing. There is more cool stuff to that story but the short version (too late!) is that my wife had a $10 off coupon and a 15% off coupon so the juicer cost me just under $46.00! I've already downloaded the manual. So I think I'm only missing the box. The unit looks complete. I had to share this story.

Joe Cross’ 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse

I'm into the middle of what should be Day One of this but I wanted to start the blog. I posted last year that I bought a Juicer and a Dietician convinced me to return it unused. Well, I am more eager to follow Joe Cross and Dr. Furhman and drop some weight by any means necessary before I have a health issue. I don't have any health issues today to my knowledge. 18 months ago my physical exam came back clean. So I bought Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer Express http://www.powerjuicer.com/ last night from Kohl's which will be a post of it's own next and here we go. This weekend I may only get rolling on how to do this. Next weekend I may follow Joe Cross' 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse (http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/joe-cross-3-day-weekend-juice-cleanse) properly.


Apparently Consumer Reports really liked this juicer

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor, 67650H

I bought one last year but returned it after talking to a "Dietician" who didn't like Juicing but was fond of GMO foodstuffs. I think I'll buy it again however.