P90x 2013 Week 1 Day 2

Cardio X I recall that I liked this (I should look at my blog).I recall having difficulty with the Runner's pose which is now as difficult as ever. But I recall getting it done by the 30th day last time (I need to look at the old posts). On top of the Core Synergistics last night, there were some things I could not do. I still can not do the Dreya Roll. I could not keep up with the pace because of the overall soreness from yesterday either. I could feel my abs being very sore and as with Kenpo years ago, my inner thighs are very, very sore making it difficult to walk or sit or squat for the 2nd day in a row but I know it will all pass. I made it to day 30 a year ago and my son and I are focused on hitting day 180 on about Feb 11, 2014. The Yoga warmup was very effective as Tony suggests and I feel sore pretty much all over but it doesn't really hurt to blink...

P90x Redo Two Aug 11 Week One Day One

Core Synergistics P90x restarted tonight. My youngest son and I have restarted. We are going to use the Lean and then Classic for 180 days.  Our plan is to do it at 5:30am daily prior to breakfast.  I think I did one rep of everything at least. My son popped his shoulder and missed a section. By doing one rep of everything I should say that some of it was so hard to complete the reps or even the movements that it is amazing I'd finished 30 days before. You could not tell. So I know I can get through this but I know I'm very out of shape now. It will be fun to not slide this far back ever again. I should be fine. My son and I have plans dependent on completing day 180. He's off to a great start. http://www.beachbodycertification.com/p90x-certification 😀

P90X Lean Week 4 Day 26 FAIL

I have to go back and renumber still BUT... We didn't do Yoga to end Week 4 as anticipated. My son and wife did do Core X the following Monday and we all did Cardio X that Tues but then we fell off. We are not sure how to proceed. My son doesn't want to do continue at night. 5am or nothing looks like it. We may or may not do that last Yoga module and pick up on Day 1 of Week 5. I don't think we are starting over but without looking it seems like we will begin Day 1 of Week 5. If we pick up on Day 1 of Week 5 that will be a 2 week break almost after just about 4 weeks of working out. Ewww.

P90X Lean Week 4 Day 25 X Stretch Completed

I was looking forward to this module. We completed it on schedule as well and are on target to finish week 4 with no double. WooHoo! But I thought  it was lame. I do need a Yoga mat because the carpeted floor is hard on my knees and is slippery. I could not do some of the stretches like Hero for example but I didn't sweat much and mostly I was struggling to get into position when I had an issue which was with about 3 or 4 stretches. But I'm not the most flexible anyway. I'm a Black Belt in Kenpo, not Drunken Master Kung-Fu. :O So we are on target and all is well so far. I was surprised to see Tony specifically addressed Shin Splints in this module and even though I had Shin Splints every day in Army Basic Training they didn't do anything like "therapy" for me then. But it was years ago... God bless Tony Horton!

P90X Lean Week 4 Day 24 KENPO X Completed

Kenpo X completed on time as well. My wife loves this one too. Core Synergistics, Cardio, Shoulders and Arms with Ab Ripper, Legs and Back and Kenpo are all popular. My wife doesn't like the Yoga program partly because it is so long. But the workouts are flying by now because they are familiar. Time is flying. And these, including Yoga, are speeding by and are much easier for all of us including my wife who continuously comments that it is "amazing" how much more she can do "this time" and how much better the workouts make her feel. Yay Tony Horton! And Ed Parker! And Wes Idol and Bryan Hawkins. ;D

P90X Lean Week 4 Day 23 Completed

P90X Lean Day 23, Core Synergistics completed. I'll try to fix the date/day count on this but we did it on schedule. It is a great workout.

P90X Lean Day 21 Week 3 Complete!

I meant to Stretch today but we were pretty busy and it didn't happen again so we rested on the last day of the week and are on schedule to begin week 4. Week 4 looks to be a challenge because we are still hoping to move to 5am workouts and this week we have Yoga twice and that is the longest workout so the mornings will be hard to manage. If we don't get started early enough we won't be able to finish before work etc. I also didn't do measurements and photos again as I planned but we'll get that done asap.

P90X Lean Day 20

Day 20 was Sat Aug 25 and we did Legs and Back in the AM and Kenpo later that evening and Week 3 is in the books!

P90X Lean Day 19

Today's double begins with Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X. I don't know why but I was much more exhausted than I recall from last week. I could not keep up. Our make-up Yoga was just about 14hrs ago though so maybe that explains some of it. Today I took a photo a few minutes after we were done with this 1.25hr session. But it didn't turn out well. My son took it quickly on his iPhone. But I was in a grey shirt and soaking wet. I thought it might make a cool post. I'll try again later but the program changes on Monday. I do not seem to be loosing weight though as I expected. I'm not losing much at all. I will look further into this and report back. Flexibility and Strength are increasing and posture is improving I think however.  

P90x Lean Day 18

I will have to check my days but tonight we only did Yoga so we have 3 left this week to finish on Sat and Sun. My number was off. Fri Aug 24th is Day 18 of this program. :O My shoulder bothered me again on Yoga, the Planks set it off. But I did most of them with Push-ups. My son hurt his right Tricep and pretty much sat out after about 15mins. We'll see how tomorrow goes!