P90X3 Classic 2nd Attempt DAY ONE

Here we go, starting 14 hours late on the 2nd attempt. This is Day One of 90 which I think is 13 weeks. The blog entries should match the days. That has been an issue in the past. I expect it not to be an issue this time. Monday Dec 22, 2014. I will come back and edit this with the end date and such later but I wanted to start the blog now. We are not planning to do before and After pix apparently. I may go ahead and do measurements and pix tomorrow. I'm basically at the weight I originally started. 221lbs. But my waist is still smaller from dropping an inch or two last time. Pants I could not button until I got into the program before, still fit although I've gained weight back. So bodyshaping is happening. This program is intended to get my son moving all his parts mostly, we need a consult for him because of his shoulders at least. It is pending. And for me, it is part of my mission to get to 176 pounds. I need to get to 188 pounds before I reconsider my exact end goal but I need to get to 188 for a few reasons and extra muscle definition and such is fine but I will worry about that really only after I hit 188. Pix and perhaps video blogs to follow. Again.