P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 20 The Warrior

This was completed as we finished Week 3 before my son went to summer camp for Boy Scouts. It turns out that he could not do the Transition Week at camp so we were going to pick up when he came home. Now however we have opted to restart the 4th attempt and finish it hopefully in conjunction with his Personal Fitness Merit Badge which requires 90 days of consistent exercise. The new plan is that will start on Monday July 20 until approx Oct 27th which will finish in time for the holidays and my birthday. We are not going to sweat staying in sync however because of this. So if we have a conflict we will stick to one workout per day and do them separately if necessary to avoid having to do a double. We may do extra work on a muscle group on the day P90X3 works it but we are going to try to tighten up the diet and stick to one prescribed workout per day.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 19 CVX

This was completed as we finished Week 3. More to come.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 18 The Challenge

This was finished as we completed Week 3 before my son went to Summer Camp. More to come.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 17 Yoga

We have fallen behind. Yoga will have to happen tonight. MAYBE I will pull out P90X Yoga to sort of make up for falling behind. I'll update the results later. I thought today was The Challenge or I'd have done this late last night and been off today to make up for not being off on Sunday. I very much plan to be off on Sunday and prep for week 4 although maybe I'll do P90X 1:45min Yoga and/or Dynamix on Sunday. We'll see when we get there. I'm looking forward to knocking out Week 3 and then Block 1 at the end of Week 4 and being 1/3 of the way through.   Sooo... Satan (no kidding) has been busy distracting me. First I had something come up on Thursday night that kept me out late. Then I had to rush my wife to the Emergency Department at the hospital (she's fine now) and then the headlights went out on my car.   So Yoga is done now but it's early on Monday AM and I'm 3 workouts behind and I'll be 4 behind if I don't knock out The Challenge before I go to bed and start Monday when I wake up.   This was not the plan...

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 16 Agility

3rd week of Agility. I still have some problems with squatting low enough and jumping with my tremendous mass... and I think our 8x8 is not big enough for my son and I both to do this but we are now only about 7hrs behind schedule! This was a great workout though even with my modifications. I don't like it so much but I did get a lot of cardio benefit and I'm sure I got some stability etc in the knees and worked the core. We are into Week 3!

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 15 Total Synergistics

3rd Week of this. I loved it. We did it on the right day at about 5pm. So we are now not days behind and doing doubles but we are only 11.5 hrs behind a 5:30am workout schedule.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 14 Rest or Dynamix

So... I have to recommend Leonard Wayne's book Higher and Higher and The Bible. Satan is trying to interfere. I had Sat well in hand to finish the week and it did not happen for some conspicuous reasons... goofy, one-off stuff happened several times and I didn't get to The Warrior (Day 13) until Day 14, today Sunday June 21, 2015. But it was AWESOME! I felt great a the end. At the cooldown I was sweating like I was melting. Truly this is great stuff. Works all parts of the body etc. But again, I can't bend well and I can't squat low and I don't know the issues with my gut and my knees but I am smart enough to avoid anything like or leading up to sharp pain so I again caution anyone not to do this program without access to a live person who can assist them with questions on specific moves they have trouble with. Not so much an issue with me on this except that I have to be careful jumping and squatting and I am. So week 2 is DONE. In the BAG. Next week on Sunday we will have finished 3 of 13 weeks and have only 10 left. And the week after that we will be finished with Phase 1 so milestones are coming up. WooHoo! I have a good handle on the discipline of getting this workout done and now I need to get the Bible and my work into shape and I will be on track. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus!  

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 13 The Warrior

Saturday. We had to finish CVX today (actually Sat Jun 20, 2015) and get caught up after midnight because of some work I'm doing at night. And it was AWESOME! I didn't get to post in real time but I LOVED CVX. It killed me. I was sore after but I felt great! There is NO EXCUSE not to do this program even when you feel tired, sick, etc. Just modify it. I was better at this than I was last week. I had more to post but suffice it to say that I felt so GREAT after this workout that I could not believe it. I know I said similar things in the past and with more detail but these workouts are awesome. And for whatever reason it seems that the sweat pours on the Cooldown. I think CVX may be my favorite workout. Later I will come back and edit the titles of the Workouts. I think for example this may be CVX3? I'm not sure. I'll look later but you get the idea. The Warrior was originally scheduled for Sat night June 20, 2015 but as I'm posting this after the fact I know that didn't happen, so check out tomorrow's Day 14 post.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 12 CVX Day

OK. We are behind but I'm posting the Blog titles to match the scheduled Day to keep them and the count straight. They should sync up on Monday. Today we are doing The Challenge at 2pm Central and then CVX around 2am. That will put us on The Warrior for Sat Day 13 and give us Sun Day 14 to rest and I hope that all works out well. I'll update this later tonight after we have finished CVX and The Challenge both (which starts in a min) and have the ship righted as it were. I may paste this where it belongs later but The Challenge is done. I LOVE IT! I hit muscle failure 3 times even with lame, very-much-assisted pull-ups. CVX did not get finished until Saturday afternoon. See tomorrow's Day 13 post for more info.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 11 The Challenge

Today we need to do a Triple to catch up. It is 6:30. We hope to do Agility and then Yoga back to back and be one day behind. I don't want to do any more doubles so if we can also do The Challenge tonight around 1am, we will and then we need 1 workout per day to finish up the week and we can get the time moved to 5:30am start by Monday I hope. I'm OK with Doing both Yoga and Dynamix on Sunday or even doing the 1:45min Yoga from P90X on Sunday, early to add more stress to the week and hit all the parts fully before Mon begins Week 3. Doubles will be impractical next week except to get ahead as Week 4 is not the same routine as Week 3 if that matters. My son leaves for Summer camp sometime around Week 5. I am not sure what the plan for us was then except that I may proceed and do those 2 weeks over when he gets back or insert a cleanse and/or time at the gym. We'll see. SO====== I posted that before we hit the mat. We did get through Yoga but not The Challenge. Read on as you like. We may still finish Week 2 by Sat night and rest on Sun or do Yoga/Dynamix or both. (Note from tomorrow's post... yes I posted and came back to put this here:
I may paste this where it belongs later but The Challenge is done. I LOVE IT! I hit muscle failure 3 times even with lame, very-much-assisted pull-ups.)