P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 20 The Warrior

This was completed as we finished Week 3 before my son went to summer camp for Boy Scouts. It turns out that he could not do the Transition Week at camp so we were going to pick up when he came home. Now however we have opted to restart the 4th attempt and finish it hopefully in conjunction with his Personal Fitness Merit Badge which requires 90 days of consistent exercise. The new plan is that will start on Monday July 20 until approx Oct 27th which will finish in time for the holidays and my birthday. We are not going to sweat staying in sync however because of this. So if we have a conflict we will stick to one workout per day and do them separately if necessary to avoid having to do a double. We may do extra work on a muscle group on the day P90X3 works it but we are going to try to tighten up the diet and stick to one prescribed workout per day.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 19 CVX

This was completed as we finished Week 3. More to come.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 18 The Challenge

This was finished as we completed Week 3 before my son went to Summer Camp. More to come.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 7 Rest or Dynamix

After finishing Day 6 on Sat night, I took "Sunday" off and did not do Dynamix.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 4 The Challenge (doubled with Day 5 CVX)

For today Thursday 6.11.2015 we again accomplished two workouts back to back. I don't think we have a prayer of doing 2 weeks this week as we are using doubles to catch up for Mon/Tues. We appear to be a day ahead now as we have finished Friday's workout on Thursday. The plan is to do Warrior on Friday and then on Saturday we may hit the gym but we will go ahead and take Sunday off and try to start like normal on Monday and see what happens. This was ugly but we are off to a good start. I'm hot and sweaty right now. I know I burned off some Goo today! I'll duplicate this post to try and keep up with one post per workout to help me keep track.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 3 Yoga

Last night on about Wed 6.10, maybe after midnight so it was technically Thursday 6.11, we did Yoga. Not pretty, but we go through it.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 2 Agility (doubled with Day 1 Total Synergistics)

For the sake of having one post per workout I'll link to the first post here as it recounted 2 workout days done back to back and now I have 2 posts to match up with having done 2 days of P90X3. 😀 Post of Day 1 and Day 2 linked here.

P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 1 Total Synergistics (doubled with Day 2 Agility)

This will be the 3rd Attempt to complete P90X3. It will succeed sort of. There will be a summer vacation in here for my son and whatever else but we will press on. Early Wed Morning June 9th approx 1:30am my son and I started over. It was sort of Tuesday... so we did 2 Days back to back to get through "Monday." Tomorrow on Wed we may attempt 4... to finish this week in 6 days... good thing they are 30mins more or less and I would not try this except that the function of P90X3 for us is to get us into better shape and if we are in better shape later I'll call that a win. So we did Total Synergistics and Agility immediately after. Oddly I was less tired and felt better after Total Synergistics and finished Agility. Form was bad but probably better than some who did the programs for the first time. So we are off to a good start trying to get into better shape. NOTE: I would not attempt to do 2 or more programs in a Day except for the fact that after 22 years of Martial Arts training and having been through 13 Weeks of Basic and AIT Training in the US Army I have some familiarity with exercise. Even so, I can't do some of the moves and I don't know why. And I'm too Fat to do some of the moves... but I modify as needed. I still personally would not feel comfortable doing this program without a trainer to ask questions of like I asked my Kenpo teachers in class when I didn't understand any exercise. And my previous instructor Brian Duffy is a Triathlete and knows how to exercise. He's also an International and World Champion. 😀 So sloppy as it may have been, I have restarted. I expect to do a Lemonade Cleanse for at least 3 days during this run and at least a 3 day Juice Fast like I've also done before. I also expect to add a 1hr Gym routine a few times. A gym routine I developed that works all the muscle groups for a total body workout leaning on the mass building side. So I don't expect to do P90X3 as advertised following the itinerary (and unfortunately not the meal plan either) but I will go through every workout in order. Hopefully at least 8hrs apart whether I sleep between them or not. I expect I can do the last 30 days as outlined, meaning 1 workout per day for 6 days in a week. I am convoluting the workout because last time I think I made it to Week 10 with no significant weight loss but my measurements and body composition did change and have stayed changed. Pants I fit into back on the 10th week still fit. My waist may have even shrunk a bit more, but I have gained weight lately. I seem to be able to fluxuate up to 7lbs in a day or two. I am not sure how accurate my scale is. I thought 2lbs might be explainable by water and salt but again I'm not worried about right now. I hope this year that my business will also improve so that I can spend the time to compete in at least one point Karate tournament with my son and earn my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo. And I will remind you that this blog was originally intended to show future students at a future commercial Martial Arts school when and how I did P90X(3). I do not expect that to happen in the future and if this blog gets deleted later you may remember that I said this and that will mostly likely be why this blog disappears. But partially to create even an artificial accountability partner/system (my son is also my partner in this) I am keeping this up as even the prospect of some public scrutiny may help motivate me. Thanks for visiting.

P90X3 Classic 2nd Attempt DAY ONE

Here we go, starting 14 hours late on the 2nd attempt. This is Day One of 90 which I think is 13 weeks. The blog entries should match the days. That has been an issue in the past. I expect it not to be an issue this time. Monday Dec 22, 2014. I will come back and edit this with the end date and such later but I wanted to start the blog now. We are not planning to do before and After pix apparently. I may go ahead and do measurements and pix tomorrow. I'm basically at the weight I originally started. 221lbs. But my waist is still smaller from dropping an inch or two last time. Pants I could not button until I got into the program before, still fit although I've gained weight back. So bodyshaping is happening. This program is intended to get my son moving all his parts mostly, we need a consult for him because of his shoulders at least. It is pending. And for me, it is part of my mission to get to 176 pounds. I need to get to 188 pounds before I reconsider my exact end goal but I need to get to 188 for a few reasons and extra muscle definition and such is fine but I will worry about that really only after I hit 188. Pix and perhaps video blogs to follow. Again.

P90X3 Classic Week 10 Day 2 MMX

Mon Oct 13 2014. MMX is AWESOME. I did most all of the moves and most of the reps I think. I was SOAKING WET. I was surprised I did so well. It is an Awesome module. I love it! This week I'll have to do a double so I may do something in 8 hours later tonight. I'm being careful not to overdo anything as I've had so much time off but I also need to burn a lot of calories and get all my parts moving again. I need to lose no less than 17lbs by Fri Nov 8. I have had a few streaks losing a pound a day recently when I was not working out. I gained much of them back but I'm still down 5lbs in the last 6 weeks or so. Now that my diet is better, I hope I can get these 17 pounds off and add some muscle and then on the next pass of P90X3 I will expect some definition and to approach my target weight which will mean I need to lose about 20 pounds on that round also. I'll finish by this week this Sat, rest on Sun and Week 11 should start next Monday. I didn't wait a full 8 hours but I went to Gold's Gym as a guest and did a circuit of everything but Abs. 3 sets of 8 mostly and I was SOAKING Wet, shaking and exhausted. It was Awesome. I think I had a very low risk of injury as I was using machines and I did not strain seriously on anything but today EVERY muscle in my body was worn out, maybe twice. Sometime after MMX I noticed my abs were sore. MMX has no "ab routine" other than the sprawls which I didn't do vigorously and which didn't last long but that must have been it. I see Eccentric Upper is next.  I thought it was Complex Upper, I'll check the book. Complex Upper almost killed me last time. My son and I really brought it at a gym that had a Pull-Up assist machine. That was the hardest workout I had maybe ever done. I almost tossed my cookies. I don't remember working that hard in US Army Basic Training.