P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 11 The Challenge

Today we need to do a Triple to catch up. It is 6:30. We hope to do Agility and then Yoga back to back and be one day behind. I don't want to do any more doubles so if we can also do The Challenge tonight around 1am, we will and then we need 1 workout per day to finish up the week and we can get the time moved to 5:30am start by Monday I hope. I'm OK with Doing both Yoga and Dynamix on Sunday or even doing the 1:45min Yoga from P90X on Sunday, early to add more stress to the week and hit all the parts fully before Mon begins Week 3. Doubles will be impractical next week except to get ahead as Week 4 is not the same routine as Week 3 if that matters. My son leaves for Summer camp sometime around Week 5. I am not sure what the plan for us was then except that I may proceed and do those 2 weeks over when he gets back or insert a cleanse and/or time at the gym. We'll see. SO====== I posted that before we hit the mat. We did get through Yoga but not The Challenge. Read on as you like. We may still finish Week 2 by Sat night and rest on Sun or do Yoga/Dynamix or both. (Note from tomorrow's post... yes I posted and came back to put this here:
I may paste this where it belongs later but The Challenge is done. I LOVE IT! I hit muscle failure 3 times even with lame, very-much-assisted pull-ups.)