P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 12 CVX Day

OK. We are behind but I'm posting the Blog titles to match the scheduled Day to keep them and the count straight. They should sync up on Monday. Today we are doing The Challenge at 2pm Central and then CVX around 2am. That will put us on The Warrior for Sat Day 13 and give us Sun Day 14 to rest and I hope that all works out well. I'll update this later tonight after we have finished CVX and The Challenge both (which starts in a min) and have the ship righted as it were. I may paste this where it belongs later but The Challenge is done. I LOVE IT! I hit muscle failure 3 times even with lame, very-much-assisted pull-ups. CVX did not get finished until Saturday afternoon. See tomorrow's Day 13 post for more info.