P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 13 The Warrior

Saturday. We had to finish CVX today (actually Sat Jun 20, 2015) and get caught up after midnight because of some work I'm doing at night. And it was AWESOME! I didn't get to post in real time but I LOVED CVX. It killed me. I was sore after but I felt great! There is NO EXCUSE not to do this program even when you feel tired, sick, etc. Just modify it. I was better at this than I was last week. I had more to post but suffice it to say that I felt so GREAT after this workout that I could not believe it. I know I said similar things in the past and with more detail but these workouts are awesome. And for whatever reason it seems that the sweat pours on the Cooldown. I think CVX may be my favorite workout. Later I will come back and edit the titles of the Workouts. I think for example this may be CVX3? I'm not sure. I'll look later but you get the idea. The Warrior was originally scheduled for Sat night June 20, 2015 but as I'm posting this after the fact I know that didn't happen, so check out tomorrow's Day 14 post.