P90X3 Classic 3rd Attempt Day 14 Rest or Dynamix

So... I have to recommend Leonard Wayne's book Higher and Higher and The Bible. Satan is trying to interfere. I had Sat well in hand to finish the week and it did not happen for some conspicuous reasons... goofy, one-off stuff happened several times and I didn't get to The Warrior (Day 13) until Day 14, today Sunday June 21, 2015. But it was AWESOME! I felt great a the end. At the cooldown I was sweating like I was melting. Truly this is great stuff. Works all parts of the body etc. But again, I can't bend well and I can't squat low and I don't know the issues with my gut and my knees but I am smart enough to avoid anything like or leading up to sharp pain so I again caution anyone not to do this program without access to a live person who can assist them with questions on specific moves they have trouble with. Not so much an issue with me on this except that I have to be careful jumping and squatting and I am. So week 2 is DONE. In the BAG. Next week on Sunday we will have finished 3 of 13 weeks and have only 10 left. And the week after that we will be finished with Phase 1 so milestones are coming up. WooHoo! I have a good handle on the discipline of getting this workout done and now I need to get the Bible and my work into shape and I will be on track. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus!