P90X3 Classic 8 Day 36 Eccentric Upper

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Upper Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1601 - end 1797 = 196 calories burned!

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Upper Summary

I did pretty well. I did Dynamix earlier today before a nap. I have to do a double later tonight to day on track and that will be Triometrics (Aaaaggghhh!) and X3 Yoga.

I set up my dumbbells and recorded the weights in advance so I only had to record the reps after each set.

This workout also has a very short cooldown with no Vinyasa, it mostly stretches the arms, back and torso.

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Upper Notes

Recording the weights in advance was a great idea. It helped me move faster and because I had notes from last week that said "lighter" and "too easy" it was easy for me to guess a weight to use. I had to reconfigure both adjustable dumbbells and I hit muscle failure a few times.

I absolutely could not do Tricep Skyfers. I just can't move or bend or whatever that way. It can't even really get into the start position. It doesn't help that my shoulders are so tight.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

36 Days down. 54 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.