P90X3 Classic 8 Day 38 X3 Yoga

P90X3 Classic X3Yoga Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1518 - end 1617 = 99 calories burned!

P90X3 Classic X3Yoga Summary

I trust Tony that this is very valuable and look forward to it. It's getting shorter. The first 5 moves used to take ALL DAY, now they fly by!

P90X3 Classic X3Yoga Notes

No smoothie after I recovered from Triometrics, I powered through and still can not do Camel, Crow, Plow or the last 2 of the Figure 4. Today I also had poor balance and I think it was because of my weakened legs from Triometrics in particular. At this point I hope to move on to Eccentric Lower AND Incinerator tonight but that may not work out that way. I may have to move Incinerator to tomorrow with MMX. I'd like to finish MMX Saturday and Incinerator is an "easy" one to limp through. If I eat well before I start them both I could make them a double 1hr workout tomorrow and rest as much as I can on Sunday.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

38 Days down. 52 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.