P90X3 Classic 8 Day 39 Eccentric Lower

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Lower Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1311- end 1573 = 262 calories burned!

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Lower Summary

Did Yoga yesterday, Eccentric Lower today 6hrs after 1 breakfast taco had me dizzy after first set! Hmph! Took me 50 minutes to do with the logging and unusual moves and using a chair.

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Lower Notes

This was complicated as I've mentioned before. I didn't enough enough close enough to the workout. It took me longer to log the workout and review what was next and maybe to recover for each exercise but the Albanian Squats are a bit dangerous in my opinion anyway.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

39 Days down. 51 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.