Payments Logged In

Maybe I should put the payments on the Login site for students only but leave 2-3 payment buttons to the public so I don't give away my business plan for free? This is the last version of the Payments page which I have edited for the public version online now. Still need to fix the PayPal buttons as Monthly Lessons is not what I want. Pay Pal needs work. Note on the existing, published page that I have added Consultation and et cetera to the 30 min button. Training packages do not include travel, lodging, meals or other related expenses. If necessary, these will be discussed prior to payment. Your training can be tailored around any of four areas depending on your primary interest and is available at a variety of locations including your own:
  1. American Kenpo Self Defense topics
  2. American Kenpo training through 3rd Degree Black Belt with International ranking
  3. Personal Fitness Development
  4. Tournament Competition (Kickboxing/Striking as opposed to MMA)
All packages must be discussed prior to payment. Prior to regular training you will need to provide a Physical Evaluation from a M.D. and take a fitness test. After completing those two requirements a release form is required before you begin. A physical and a fitness test are not required for seminars and most short-term training. Training will be confirmed upon acceptance of payment. Seminars and private lessons can be tailored to suit the needs of your Neighborhood Watch, Church, School or Organization. Consulting can be arranged for Fight Choreography and other special needs as well. Multiple instructors can also be arranged particularly to cover special topics and groups. Edited DVDs are provided after most sessions to assist you in maintaining a log of your progress and to provide you an accurate way to review each lesson. DVDs will not be available immediately, a time-frame for delivery will be provided after each lesson.

The Pay Pal buttons are not currently working properly with the cart and there are now 2 types of buttons as of 8/12/17. This will get fixed. You should still be able to pay for at least one individual item without issue.

Contact Mr. Hall directly if you have any issues making your selection(s).

30min Private Lesson or Training $30
4 Hour Group Class $250
8 Hour Seminar $500
MINI CAMP 12hrs (ie 4hrs Fri, 8hrs Sat) $800
CAMP 16hrs (ie 4hr Fri, 8hr Sat, 4hr Sun) $1000
12 Week Introduction to Self-Defense Course including Empty-Hand, Multiple Attacker and Weapon Theory with Syllabus, Notes, DVD and Certificate of Completion. 12 1-hour classes, minimum 10 participants, $120/person
Use this $5 Increment button to make any payment in $5 dollar increments, just change the quantity in your Shopping Cart before you check out and be sure to include a note about what the payment is for
Lesson Registration includes syllabus and notes for each belt level, 1 uniform and set of patches, standard test fees and standard rank certificates $150.00
Monthly Lessons Monthly Subscription includes training for parents of an enrolled child under 18 $90/mo.
White to Black Training Registration: includes one uniform and patches, test fees, rank certificates, syllabus, basic printed study material and rank belts in colors white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown and black as they are earned $300.00