American Kenpo is primarily a stand-up striking art. Kenpo emphasizes scientific concepts and principles as they relate to the study of motion used in personal combat.  Kenpo is not a sport but the principles and concepts can be adapted to sport applications. Kenpo is designed to develop the ability to defend oneself against multiple attackers, whether armed or unarmed and to create Black Belts who can analyze every situation and become "self-correcting." The focus of Kenpo is often stated to allow you to "create the most amount of damage, with the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time." It is brutal and emphasizes your ability to survive a serious threat to your physical safety which in the real world will often involve multiple attackers, some of whom may be armed. As Mr. Parker himself described it in his series Infinite Insights Into Kenpo: "American Kenpo -- an updated and all inclusive version of Kenpo based on logic and practicality which has been designed to cope with the mode of fighting prevalent on our streets today."