American Kenpo is not a sport. It was not designed as a sport. It is the scientific study of motion as it relates to combat and can therefore be applied to many areas including sport karate.

American Kenpo is a scientifically based system that, like other scientific disciplines, utilizes specific terminology to improve understanding and progress as you study the material.

Kenpo is designed to improve your ability to combat multiple attackers while remaining upright and provides training to for dealing with armed attackers as well. I therefore often say that American Kenpo is a stand-up, striking art designed to defend against multiple attackers some of whom may be armed.

The Curriculum we teach for American Kenpo is heavily Self-Defense oriented and based very closely on Senior Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker's written work, Infinite Insights Into Kenpo. The syllabus for each belt level's Self-Defense techniques will be updated here soon. Meanwhile "Ed Parker's American Kenpo Curriculum" is well presented in an online format

Examples of the charts we use will be updated soon for each belt level and linked here as well and this information is intended to reinforce that we teach according to Infinite Insights and that we offer a progressive Belt system if you want to pursue a Black Belt ranking in Ed Parker's American Kenpo System:
  • Yellow Belt

    Sample of Yellow Belt Requirements Poster

  • Orange/1stBrown

    Sample of Orange/1st Degree Brown Belt Requirements Poster

  • Purple/1st Black

    Sample of Purple/1st Degree Black Belt Requirements Poster

  • Blue/2nd Black
  • Green/3rd Black
  • 3rd Brown
  • 2nd Brown