Welcome and thank you for your interest in taking lessons. This page may contain and even link to info elsewhere on the site but as people approach me during class I realize it may be beneficial to have one link on my site to address questions about how to train with me. Anyone is welcome to watch and participate in at least one class at no charge. It is very possible for you to watch or participate in several classes depending on the circumstances. The steps to train with Mr. Hall for yourself or your child are:
  1. Meet with Mr. Hall in person to discuss your interest and goals;
  2. Submit a completed student application with your written goals (you will be given a password to login and download the forms);
  3. Pay the registration fee (it is $150.00 for the Basic program), and includes your uniform, patches, syllabus, notes, all standard test fees through Green Belt with belt and certificate;
  4. The monthly rate for lessons is $90 for a single person and if they are under 18 their parents can train at no additional charge. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children and payments may be made on the Payments page;
  5. There are no contracts so monthly payments are required in advance of training. As there are no contracts, you may stop paying at any time but Mr. Hall would appreciate an exit interview and that you do not just quit paying and then not showing up;
  6. Show up and do your best to achieve your goals, remember that participation is conditional as discussed in the interview.
The Monterey Program includes 2-3 classes per week of 1-2hrs each for at least 3hrs training with Mr. Hall in a Group setting. Contact Mr. Hall directly for more information.