Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions, Facts and Errata.

American Kenpo is not a sport. It was not designed as a sport. It is the scientific study of motion as it relates to combat and can therefore be applied to many areas including sport karate.

American Kenpo is a scientifically based system that, like other scientific disciplines, utilizes specific terminology to improve understanding and progress as you study the material.

The Self-Defense page also has info on the syllabus and the Self-Defense nature of Kenpo. I may duplicate some of that information here later.

Kenpo is designed to improve your ability to combat multiple attackers while remaining upright and provides training to for dealing with armed attackers as well. I therefore often say that American Kenpo is a stand-up, striking art designed to defend against multiple attackers some of whom may be armed.

American Kenpo Black Belt Titles as listed in Infinite Insights Volume 2 (this list copied from KenpoTech.net http://www.kenpotech.net/ed-parkers-american-kenpo/ed-parkers-american-kenpo-belt-ranks-and-titles/ which is listed on the Links page also):
  1. 1st Black – Junior Instructor
  2. 2nd Black – Associate Instructor
  3. 3rd Black – Head Instructor
  4. 4th Black – Senior Instructor
  5. 5th Black – Associate Professor
  6. 6th Black – Professor
  7. 7th Black – Senior Professor
  8. 8th Black – Associate Master of the Arts
  9. 9th Black – Master of the Arts
  10. 10th Black – Senior Master of the Arts
Note: The 10th degree title for the founder and head of the system is ‘Senior Grand Master of the Arts’. This title can only be bestowed upon the founder of the system and as such this title is reserved for Senior Grand Master Ed Parker alone.