Mr. Hall


Mr. Swan, Mr. Duffy, Mr. Hall and Mr. Salantri

Mr. Hall's Kenpo Lineage, in order as it turned out.

Mr. Gary Swan on the left was Mr. Hall's first instructor in Chinese Kenpo.

Mr. Brian Duffy, 2nd from left was Mr. Hall's second instructor. Mr. Hall first met Mr. Duffy when both were students of Gary Swan in the NCKKA before Mr. Duffy left to become Mr. Parker's personal student in the IKKA. When Mr. Hall moved to Austin, TX to finish college he chose to join Mr. Duffy in the IKKA rather than continue with the NCKKA as Mr. Duffy had taken a path Mr. Hall had once anticipated for himself.

Mr. Pat Salantri on the far right is Mr. Hall's current instructor and was also a first generation black belt of Mr. Parker having spent 3 years with Mr. Parker taking private lessons every Thursday afternoon from approximately 1987-1990.

Doug Hall and Ed Parker, Sr.

First meeting

This photo was taken by my sister the first time I met Mr. Parker which was at the Lytle Open Invitational Karate Championships (yes Open Invitational...). I think I still have the red tshirt.

I have been studying martial arts since 1984 and teaching at some level since 1987. I have competed in the Long Beach Internationals and on the AOK Texas Tournament Circuit. I was awarded my black belt from Five-Time International Karate Champion and World Kempo Champion Brian Duffy in 2006 while training with him as his personal student. Professor Duffy and I are both featured in the book “Kenpo Continuum” by Amy Long (pgs 34 and 273 respectively). I am the 18th personal student Mr. Duffy has promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt and therefore also a 2nd Generation Ed Parker American Kenpo Black Belt.

I was fortunate to meet Mr. Parker, Sr twice and he did use me for his partner in a demo during a seminar in 1989. This puts me in a small group of American Kenpo Blackbelts teaching today. Unfortunately most Kenpo students and instructors teaching today never met Mr. Parker much less experienced his power and control firsthand. I have.

2nd Meeting

Second Meeting

Currently I offer private instruction in Self-Defense primarily in Austin, TX. Travel arrangements are negotiable as necessary.

I am available for private training and group training on general self-defense topics or specific topics in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo system as outlined in his five-part series of books “Infinite Insights into Kenpo.”

I have experience working with martial artists of many styles and I am happy to help you study self-defense to enhance your training, work with you in a Martial Art oriented Fitness program or study American Kenpo to assist you in your formal or distance training if you need a partner or someone to help you “tune-up” your skills for a test or competition.

Prof. Pat Salantri

My personal instructor in Kenpo, Silat, Jiu-Jitsu and Filipino Stick and Knife Fighting is Prof. Pat Salantri. Mr. Salantri is the senior rank official certifying all Kenpo rank promotions I award and myself and all my students are members of his Open Karate Association (OKA).  Incidentally I first met Mr. Salantri in person when Mr. Bob White brought him to Texas the year Mr. Duffy tested and promoted me to 1st Degree Brown Belt.

GM Frank Trejo

I was also a member of Grandmaster Frank Trejo’s "Frank Trejo Karate Association" (FTKA) from approximately October 2009 until the organization was suspended.  Mr. Duffy had Mr. Trejo on my testing board for every belt test he examined me on as one of his personal students. Therefore Mr. Trejo witnessed all of my American Kenpo belt tests and presumably supported my subsequent promotion by Mr. Duffy in each case.

I believe that teaching is one of my “Spiritual Gifts” and that helping those of us inclined to “Sell [our] cloak and buy [a sword] is a way I can combine my loves of teaching, Kenpo, helping others and honoring Christ.

I'm available to teach self-defense or help you work on American Kenpo specifically. I can help you tune up your own art by looking at it from a different, advanced perspective. If you need someone to do a presentation, demonstration, or short course for your work, social group, neighborhood association, then I can be of service to you. I only teach a very small number of private students on a regular basis but contact me for details after reviewing this site. Thank you.