P90X3 Classic 8 Day 36 Eccentric Upper

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Upper Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1601 - end 1797 = 196 calories burned!

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Upper Summary

I did pretty well. I did Dynamix earlier today before a nap. I have to do a double later tonight to day on track and that will be Triometrics (Aaaaggghhh!) and X3 Yoga.

I set up my dumbbells and recorded the weights in advance so I only had to record the reps after each set.

This workout also has a very short cooldown with no Vinyasa, it mostly stretches the arms, back and torso.

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Upper Notes

Recording the weights in advance was a great idea. It helped me move faster and because I had notes from last week that said "lighter" and "too easy" it was easy for me to guess a weight to use. I had to reconfigure both adjustable dumbbells and I hit muscle failure a few times.

I absolutely could not do Tricep Skyfers. I just can't move or bend or whatever that way. It can't even really get into the start position. It doesn't help that my shoulders are so tight.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

36 Days down. 54 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 35 Dynamix

P90X3 Classic Dynamix Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 374 - end 502 = 128 calories burned!

P90X3 Classic Dynamix Summary

Although P90X3 Classic Dynamix is a pretty relaxed routine, I can't do the Pigeon properly so I usually bring up my leg and hold it there and settle into it as 1 rep instead of following along. I can do most of the other stuff OK but this is another good example of a workout I'd like a Trainer for so I can ask how to do or modify something.

P90X3 Classic Dynamix Notes

This was the start of a Quadruple workout day... I had a lot going on and I also had to workout, drive 3hrs roundtrip +1hr appointment out of town this morning and then workout. The idea was double in the AM and then double at night. Didn't happen.

My rule is to try to sleep or at least break in between. I think Tony set P90X3 up with the rest periods in between exercises in mind. He mentions getting 7hrs of sleep. So I know by doing 2 workouts or more in a day, I risk compromising the formula.

On the other hand, in this case I need to stay on schedule and I am using the muscles for the exercises, and in order, but without rest I'm only getting a benefit of putting my body through the moves for muscle memory later. I am sacrificing muscle growth and probably some health but I hope not to get this far behind again although getting sick would take it out of my hands.

Anyway day 45 is next week and that will be halfway!

Since I have a desk job this is my only exercise so it's not like I just got home from construction or stocking or something. So This morning I did Dynamix. I came home and slept and will see how the next 3 go. I wanted to do Dynamix with Eccentric Upper this morning but that didn't workout. Then it would have been Triometrics and X3 Yoga as a double and that would be OK because you could theoretically add X3 Yoga anywhere you want.

It will still leave a double for tomorrow but I will limp through it if I have to because I want to finish in 90 days and as I say, I have a very non-demanding job and this is not like Army Basic Training or even Mr. Duffy's 4hr Advanced Kenpo Classes that had 30+ minute workouts to start out. Or Kenpo Camp Saturdays which were 8 hours of work outdoors after an hour or so of PT to warm up... so with my experience I think I can handle this and then have 1 workout Saturday to get on track and then just Dynamix on Sunday to finish the week.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

35 Days down. 55 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 34 MMX (with Cold Start)

P90X3 Classic MMX Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, 103 calories burned on Cold Start.

Fitbit calculation for total calories burned, start 1411 - end 1858 = 447 calories burned for Cold Start then MMX! That is the highest calorie burn to date!

P90X3 Classic MMX Summary

This is the workout I should have been afraid of! I nearly puked and passed out. I was dizzy for a bit more than once. I didn't log when or what I ate but I did FEEL GREAT a few minutes after I finished my workout.

This was also my second time using the Cold Start routine and I did heat up about the time Tony called it during the routine and I'm pretty sure I could have worked it a bit harder and warmed up more.

P90X3 Classic MMX Notes

Not much more in the way of notes for P90X3 Classic MMX today.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

34 Days down. 56 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 33 Incinerator (with Cold Start)

P90X3 Classic Incinerator Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, 100 calories burned on Cold Start, but I MISSED recording total and Incinerator Calories.

I fell FOUR DAYS BEHIND today and finished this workout in a bit of a hurry and forgot to log the ending calories!

P90X3 Classic Incinerator Summary

This was not nearly as hard as I feared. I was afraid to do this one and that ended up putting me 2 further days behind. My fears were unfounded.

This was also my first time using the Cold Start routine and I'm not sure I got much out of it.

P90X3 Classic Incinerator Notes

I was four days behind when I got to this workout but I added Cold Start anyway. We had a freeze I think and then I had some drama and some medical issues and I worked 32 hours before this and very much slept through the day prior and that threw me off again, it's too bad I didn't log the calories because it would have included Cold Start.

However it may be worth noting that after my very long sleep of 12 or more hours, I lost 2.2 pounds! I know I'm not sharing my weight on here but it may be that the sleep helped me lose an unusual amount of weight overnight. I weigh myself every morning which is how I noticed this.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

33 Days down. 57 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 32 Eccentric Lower

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Lower Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1732 - end 2056 = 324 calories burned! That is the fourth highest calorie burn to date.

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Lower Summary

This one was tough because there are so many unusual/new moves. I had to stop several times to make adjustments or see what he was doing and I don't recall if the intro says you need a chair. I suggest that you watch this one once before you do it. It's different and you have to adapt to the moves and possibly adjust your dumbbells. I have 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, 10lb solid dumbbells and then 2 sets of adjustable dumbbells which I had to adjust during the workout.

P90X3 Classic Eccentric Lower Notes

Again, Tony gives poor guidance up front on what wights to use. I suggest watching this once before you try it and prep your dumbbells and be sure you understand the moves you are going to do. My notes are not complete enough but I think you need a dumbbell, a heavier dumbbell and a lighter dumbbell. I used 4 different dumbbell weights.

I had to stop and replay several spots to be sure I knew what I was doing or to reset the timer as I lost my balance or had to adjust the dumbbells or whatever. It was very tough and I see the calorie count supports this.

Be sure to watch this one first and be prepared for new moves.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

32 Days down. 58 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 31 X3 Yoga

P90X3 Classic X3 Yoga Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 2482- end 2568 = 339 calories burned! That is the second highest calorie burn to date!

P90X3 Classic X3 Yoga Summary

Today was a double which is OK because Tony says you can add Yoga in anytime so I could have done a double yesterday with Triometrics and X3 Yoga.


P90X3 Classic X3 Yoga Notes

I noticed that I was more flexible. I think I got more out of this one. Enough so that I was looking for where to place a camera to record some of these workouts.

I think I remembered that I used to think what Tony calls "Ted's Chair" was impossible. But it is easy for me now and has been for a while. I could also do better on Extended Leg with Toe Bind but I had to grab my lower shin. I remember almost getting it right once when my son and I were doing this together however many years ago.

But on the Figure 4 series this time I stayed in the first of the three positions to stretch my tight hamstrings. I remember this was always a challenge in Kenpo back in the 80s even though I could always kick above my head and never pulled a hamstring.

Also my shoulders are very tight. Whatever the one is we do where your hands are clasped behind you and you lean over and put your hands high, I can't get my hands off my back. There is another one where a similar move is done and I also can't get my hands off my back, I think that one is done in Child's Pose and may be from Dynamix.

I'm caught up now and just have to do one workout tomorrow so I may not go to the gym to kill my legs. But I also ate WAAY too many calories today and didn't log them all so I will add as much muscle building exercise as I can and burn as many calories as I can and maybe take Sunday off completely. That may even be New Year's Eve. That will put me into Week 2 of Block 2! That is only about 1 week away from the halfway point of Day 45. This is Day 31, I'm 2 weeks out from halfway right now! Yoga on 1.10.18 is Day 45 which is halfway-ish since Day 90 is a rest at the end, I guess Day 44 is the halfway of the workouts. I plan to rest on Day 90 unless maybe I want to do Dynamix to burn another 100 calories. That does sound like a good idea. I'm digressing perhaps because I was tired before I started but jumped to get done before midnight and now I'm very energized.

P90X3 Classic Countdown

31 Days down. 59 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 30 Triometrics

P90X3 Classic Triometrics

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1261 - end 1600 = 339 calories burned! That is the second highest calorie burn to date!

Today should be a Double. I had to do Triometrics "early" and then do X3 Yoga later tonight. The recordkeeping is killing me, but that is optional. The Beach Body site closed down their Supergym so I can't log the workouts there which would be easier than doing this blog. I also changed the blog format today to add some headlines and sections in preparation for making this SEO friendly.

Fitbit goes BACKWARDS!

I also want to note here that when I started my workout I had to retake my Fitbit calorie readings twice after I recorded them and I noticed they went BACKWARDS! I recorded the calories as 1257, then 1265 after I went to get my water from the kitchen, then I took them again for good measure and they were at 1261! So there is some empirical evidence that Fitbit doesn't work. Also my steps during that time went 1230, 1248, 1246! Backwards!

So Christmas threw me off but I'll Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. That is such a great motto! Tomorrow I should have a single workout but I may go to the gym for more leg work.

Oh My GOSH! This was BY FAR the hardest workout I've done. I did go to the gym last night as noted and my chest and lats were very sore again during the jumping jacks but I failed to do the Duper Skater. I think at this point I was also light headed. I ate 10hrs ago and I've been up for nearly a couple of hours by now. Then I lost all hope when I saw Sumo Kick.

When we got to 7:35 to go, I thought I might puke and pass out but I pressed on. Amazingly a few sips of water helped me along.

This workout is Leg centric. I thought it would be more full body because Eccentric Lower is coming up but really, that should be 2 days from now after an X3 Yoga day in between. I'm glad to see this however because generally I think P90X3 is light on leg development. At least Tony seems to have a much larger upper body than lower body and that is a common weakness. All my years in Kenpo of course have taught me the value of having strong legs. And what it feels like to work my legs to failure.

So I had to insert a few extra pauses and take a few longer breaks. I think I extended or took an extra break 2-3 times altogether. Near the end, I walked down the hall to turn my heat down because there was a vent blowing hot air on me, that was an extra 30 second unplanned break for example.

I also did restart or take a break or two because I needed to see what they were doing. I wasn't expecting so much leg work so I wanted to see what we were doing that different from the set before.

All that being said, I love this workout because when I can get through it properly it will be a clear sign a progress!

P90X3 Classic Progress Tracker

30 Days down. 60 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 29 Eccentric Upper BEGIN BLOCK 2!!!

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1265- end 1465 = 200 calories burned.

Begin Block 2!

I got off track on Christmas Day but today's weigh in says I lost a pound last night as I hoped to do for the weigh in at the end of Block 1 so I hope I can burn some extra fat by next Monday's weigh in.

I was also VERY much hungry at the start of this. I'd been up for about 3hrs with no food yet. Ugh. I don't mind working out before I eat, but waiting 3hrs to workout and then eat. I will fix that issue.

I'm going to add as many notes in here as I can. And I may convert this to an offline journal. It has no purpose putting this online unless I'm bringing traffic here for a reason. I have a reason but it's not ready yet...

Tony does a fantastically POOR job of coaching this module. He doesn't explain up front that you need multiple dumbbells or what kind. I used 3 of the sets I had ready. 8lbs, 12.5lbs and 19.5lbs.

Tony also does not prompt you to write or give you time to record info after each dumbbell/weighted rep. He mentions sometime after starting that all the reps are 10 and I then found that on the worksheet but the sloppy manner in which he does this one was shocking. Very sloppy. Very inconsiderate.

On the Tricep Skyfers in particular, I have almost No range of motion. These are hard for me to do either because of muscle failure or something else. I can't get into position on these. I gave up on the first pass then when I wrote that down, I restarted that section and did some with Very limited range of motion. Maybe 1 inch range of motion.

I need a better pull-up routine. I may go to the gym and do some negative reps with the pull-up assist. I will be going by there at 9pm anyway.

I felt great again after this. I wasn't hungry anymore but I made a regular Protein Smoothie and did get hungry again. I hope to restrict calories this week and lose some more weight this week for my Monday weigh in than I did for this Monday's weigh in. As I may also pile on X3 AB Ripper and then Triometrics later to catch up, I will be doing more Protein this week than last week most likely. My smoothie is about 400 calories of protein powder and fruit as I've posted on another blog.

I also thought this workout would be MUCH harder. It was really pretty easy. But I'm going to the gym to do some more pull-ups and Tricep, Bicep and Shoulder and maybe Back work. Upper body. I will do the Assisted Pull-up machine and whatever they have for upper body. Maybe Lat Pulldowns. I'll try to take my Fitbit to log the calories because I just ate some fast food and candy so I want to log the calories I burned.

I also plan to come home and do X3 Ab Ripper and then Triometrics but I may also switch that order to do Triometrics first.

My recordkeeping is killing me but I want some very good records for several reasons. I have Excel sheets with stats for each workout and my *last* item is to finish putting the proper dates on the worksheets. I just put all the workouts into my Google Calendar and fixed a flaw in my Excel sheet so I could stop there but I may now try to add the proper dates on the worksheets, type in what notes I have on there now in ink and move on! We'll see....


As I'm behind schedule I went to the gym, came home because I forgot my Fitbit to log calories and went to the gym and checked my calories at 12:01 just after midnight and so I Didn't Get To Calculate The Calories!!!! Aarrgghhh! The Fitbit said I burned about 150 calories going to the grocery store and home after midnight, which I doubt since it took 14mins and was nowhere near as demanding as some of my 100 calorie P90X3 workouts, so I'm not sure at all about the Fitbit.

So at the Gym I did 3 sets on the assisted pull-up machine, emphasizing negative reps, and I did 3 sets on the dip machine (I can Really feel my triceps!) and the ab crunch machine. The Ab Machine let me do side/oblique crunches. Mercy, I felt all of those. I was trying to prep for X3 AbRipper so I hope that helped. I did 2 different bicep curl machines and 1 set of curls with 25lb dumbbells emphasizing the negative. I also did the first round on a few more machines but abandoned them for a few reasons. I got out just before midnight when they closed (it's supposed to be a 24 hour gym....) and didn't check my calories til I parked at the grocery at 12:01am!

So I added some more "damage" lol. I will do X3 Ab Ripper and then post a blog on Triometrics unless I just blog X3 Ab Ripper with Triometrics because they are going to be back to back. I will do that. It will be a 45min routine.

29 Days down. 61 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 28 Dynamix Ends Block 1!

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1269 - end 1399 = 110 calories burned.

Block 1 is officially COMPLETE!

Took til 3pm but I got it done. Now I hope I can stay on track and workout in the AM. Well, by Wednesday at least. Tomorrow is Christmas Day!

Measurements and weight were taken afterward!

I have only lost 2.4 pounds so far even though I have lost and gained 1-2 pounds more during the time, the official number for today is -2.4 pounds.

I've lost 2 inches off my waist!

I've lost 1 inch off my hips!

My right and left thighs have Gained more than 1/2 inch each.

My arms have gotten 1/8 to 1/2 inch smaller. 🙁

BUT I've lost 0.6% Body Fat!

28 Days down. 62 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.

P90X3 Classic 8 Day 27 X3Yoga

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 124 - end 211 = calories burned.

I did manage to do X3 Yoga before bed (started X3 Yoga at 1:30am, finished 2:00am) and after I did some work on the gym as reported in the last post!

Then I pretty quickly took a shower and crashed watching The Curse of Oak Island which I've recently been binging to catch up on. I may have limped through this one a bit.

I really wish I had video of this workout. Ugh. Maybe soon I will figure out how to get my iPhone or something set on a Tripod and where and how to save the video and maybe even edit it and post a clip or two.

Then tomorrow is Dynamix, the end of Block 1, Pix and Measurements!

27 Days down. 63 to go!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.