Leatherman Micra

I’ve lost my Leatherman Micra twice.

Naturally now, as of about July 1, 2017, right after I put up this post, I have lost it a 3rd time. I have not found it like before. I just had the engraving done a few months ago and now it is mysteriously lost and we’ve searched the last know location. Alas. I think a new one is only $20 but I’d like it back if you find it.

My wife got it for me when I graduated. I thought it was the “Producer’s Version” of the Leatherman the Grips used on Charlie Sexton and the Archangel’s Video for MTV “Livin In A Dream” which was the first thing I worked on when I got to UT.

If I’ve lost it again and you’ve found it, call me or contact me via the site if you found my Leatherman Micra!


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