Star Trek Fan Films

I worked on one here in Austin in about 2007 which now in May 2014 has been completed, I’m in the credits and the listed me on the IMDB although I can’t get some of my other stuff into IMDB (that will change):

Starship Exeter (that I worked on)


Star Trek Continues  (with Grant Imahara)

Vic Mignogna and team are proud to be part of Star Trek history with the fan production aimed at completing the final two years of the original 5-year mission. We love the original series of our favorite science fiction fix – Star Trek!


Star Trek Phase II (I think this was the first professional caliber fan film released and it was released online as I recall)


Starhip Farragut


Starship Polaris (not Trek related but produced by Farragut Films)


Farragut Films preceeded Starship Polaris as far as I can tell

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  1. Was this the very first episode? I beileve they reworked the entire crew and plans after the first one, which could explain the slight change in the name. Not sure.


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