Can’t Find It on Menu?

I’m having some trouble with the latest updates to my site. My menu is not working.

I’m duplicating my Links page as a Blog post until I get the Menu fixed properly.  Of course this means that I may have 2-3 full menu options available at some point… but better than 0 I hope. Lol. No one reads this anyway. If you read it and contact me I’ll send you $5 (US) if you copy and  paste this paragraph. Subject to my own whimsical terms and conditions of course. I’m not paying a robot no matter how clever it is. Probably.

If you came here looking for something else, it may be linked here. If not, contact me.

I have other websites and domains but this domain ( has been active for a long time (March 1997). Here are some links and info on my other activities so I can focus on keeping this site more personal… I think.

LegalShield: Personal and Business Legal and Consulting Services

American Kenpo, Martial Arts and Fitness

3Stage Productions: Internet/TV/Film/Media


Twitter for C Douglas Hall currently focused on ID Theft but I may refocus it or make another account. Or both.

Facebook, I actually have 4 pages on Facebook I think. One page and 3 sites or whatever. As of 6.6.12 but they may all come down.

ID Theft Blog to support my trainings and presentations

Stuff for sale – any personal “thing” I may be selling online should have a picture here

Also, I have a pretty good network of contacts. If you need something just let me know. I used to be able to secure any good product or service in about 4 business hours. So contact me if you’d like my help with anything.

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