P90X3 Classic 8 Day 45 X3Yoga (HALFWAY THERE!)

P90X3 Classic X3 Yoga Calorie Burn

Fitbit calculation for calories burned, start 1248 - end 1350 = 102 calories burned!

P90X3 Classic X3 Yoga Summary

Still can't do these properly:
  • Child's pose, can't sit back fully;
  • Bound Side Angle Pose needs modification;
  • Twisted Moon;
  • Standing Splits;
  • Twisted Triangle, maybe I did get very close this time;
  • Extended Leg with Toe bind;
  • Crow;
  • Camel;
  • Figure 4 Series, I held the hamstring stretch at part 1 of figure 4 the whole time because my hamstrings and my shoulders are very tight;
  • Plow

But I really like X3Yoga. Don't skip this. The ones I can't do have modifications. I could have used a Yoga Block when I started.

P90X3 Classic X3 Yoga Notes


P90X3 Classic Countdown

45 Days down. 45 to go!!! HALFWAY HOME!!!!
Day 90 is a REST day.
Day 91 is the Final Fit Test and After Photos.