Personal Training Certification(s)

This is a list of Personal Training Certification resources. If I get a Certification, write about one, or do some Continuing Ed, it should be in this category. My American Kenpo instructor, Brian Duffy told me about the Cooper Institute ( in the 90s. They used to offer a Kickboxing and also I think a Martial Arts cert of some kind but apparently not anymore. I think the basis of their Personal Trainer Cert, the CI-CPT ( I anticipate taking the Small Group Course ( I also expect to take the Boot Camp and Circuits Leadership Course ( I am happy to see they are now recognized by NASM (, I was told Dr. Cooper invented Aerobic Exercise in the 60s. I thought it was offensive that places required a NASM cert over the Cooper Institute Cert. I'm assuming that is no longer the case now. I expect to get Certified by Cooper and then maybe NASM if I want to get hired by some company as a Personal Trainer. I forgot to mention that I hope to get P90X3 Certified with my son also. That will be enough I think. There is still the possibility I will pursue another degree in Biology or some other science. Or maybe not now that I see it is $498/yr and is not a substitute for a CPT Certification. We'll see.

Personal Training, First Aid and CPR

Mr. Hall (both of them) are currently working through Tony Horton's P90x and are pursuing Personal Trainer Certifications as well as Red Cross First Aid and CPR certifications.