P90X3 Classic 4th Attempt Prologue (see 8th! Attempt)

I may update this post but currently my son and I are planning to attempt this again together beginning on Monday October 23, 2017. Apparently it's been 27 months since attempt 3! I was going to get started soon anyway. We will adapt if we can't do the workout together on a given day and sync up asap. We will try to follow the schedule and a sound diet plan. I expect this will be a Walk-Through as I'm not in better shape than when I first started which was apparently some years ago. Still I expect to do other exercise if necessary and monitor my diet and lose 22 pounds. I expect to do it again just to crush it and therefore it will be 180 days or 6 months-ish before I am finished. By then I expect to have a good nutrition plan in place and be in better physical condition. My doctor says I only need to lose weight but I think there is something else wrong with me. However, I should know in 94-184 days. The blog posts should be numbered 1-90 although I think there are more than 90 days in the program. I'll check that out. I should do the fit test on Fri or Sat if I'm starting on Monday. We should finish Attempt 4 on Sat Jan 20, 2018 according to my Google calendar. UPDATE: According to my notes... this will be the 8th attempt. Not the 4th. So I will start over. I hope to do the Fit Test and Photos today or tomorrow and start on Monday to finish on Saturday Feb 17, 2018.